Adv. Erez Weiss, 49, has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1995. 

Currently lives with his wife and three sons in Tel-Aviv. He is a graduate of the law department of the University of Birmingham, UK.

Over the years Adv. Weiss has accumulated extensive experience in giving legal and commercial advice, appearances in various courts, managing litigation, support and advice during the management of negotiations over contracts, taxation advice, drawing up agreements and real estate transactions.

Adv. Weiss provides support for large-scale real estate ventures and deals, and handles organizing purchasing groups and groups of buyers for land and buildings. With the changes that have taken place in the field of urban renewal, Adv. Weiss represents both developers and residents’ representatives in this area.

Adv. Weiss believes in thinking and strategizing ahead and sees his profession as a true opportunity to help his clients to find creative solutions and approaches and to solve problems even before they occur. Adv. Weiss loves the sea and nature, is a windsurfer and hikes all over the world, trains in karate and believes in the martial arts as a way of life and a focus for excellence. 

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Erez Weiss

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