Erez Lalkin has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since May 1993. He lives in Tel-Aviv with his wife and three energetic and enthusiastic sons. Qualified as a mediator and notary, he acts as an arbitrator in various commercial disputes. A graduate of the law department of Warwick University in the UK, he afterwards completed his master’s degree in philosophy at Tel-Aviv University summa cum laude.  In addition he completed his studies in role-playing, creative writing and mediation.

Adv. Lalkin has extensive experience appearing in legal proceedings in various courts. On account of his broad experience in the commercial field, Adv. Lalkin specializes in supporting, assisting and advising new commercial ventures, in helping companies recover and reorganize, and in advice on legal proceedings including insolvency. 

He is active in the non-profit organizations “The Kitchen of Pessia” and “Shorashim” and the “Local Testimony” exhibition, does long-distance running, while swimming and soccer are seared in his soul. He enjoys music, theater and photographic art; he is full of energy and the joy of life, and always tries to think outside the box.

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Erez Lalkin

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