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Weiss & co.

Law Offices

“Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful”



The Lalkin Weiss & Co. Law Offices specializes in providing legal services in a range of fields including representation in various courts, including in the commercial field (general), corporate law (companies and partnerships), real estate, labor law, civil law (general), and laws of bankruptcy and liquidation - all combining a commercial approach by the firm’s members. The very extensive experience accumulated by the Partners, Adv. Erez Lalkin (a member of the Bar Association since 1993) and Adv.
Erez Weiss (a member of the Bar Association since 1995), allows the firm to provide our clients with highly professional legal advice, with effective, correct and creative solutions. We maintain personal, direct and close relations with our clients.

Our approach

We are here to help our clients create a healthy business life with a strong, dynamic legal basis that is open to changes and development. We consider the legal service we give as an integral part of our clients’ work  and as a means to serve their commercial objectives, through the provision of professional, reliable and available service in which the client’s targets and objectives are always at the forefront

Our way

Providing first class legal advice suited to the needs and objectives of the client. We believe in thinking outside the box, being dealmakers, with creative and proper building of the client’s commercial relations. We always seek logical, effective and correct solutions for the client to settle disputes and to handle negotiations. We are always happy to reach a solution through a respectful, open discussion between the parties, knowing that if necessary we will act with full force and all the means required to protect the client’s interests

How we work

Creating a broad, in-depth infrastructure of up to date legal knowledge and very high quality specialization in the legal and commercial areas in which we operate. Detailed study and painstaking investigation of every case and of every commercial and/or legal issue. Taking a broad look at any matter in question, checking out the commercial, economic and personal implications of any legal action proposed. Strategic thinking also for the long-term and checking out possible legal scenarios, using strength and alertness for weak points. Identifying failings and expected problems, proposing creative solutions and ways to circumvent them. Pragmatic approach in managing the client's legal affairs with the aim of maximizing value and minimizing the costs of the process and streamlining the work. In-depth understanding of the processes for resolving disputes in an effective and worthwhile manner, and finding creative, non-standard solutions to bring them to a conclusion. Taking the right steps in the most suitable courts, managing the proceedings wisely and with determination through to achieving the targets that had been set, with maximum value for the client



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Adv. Erez Lalkin
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Adv. Erez Weiss
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Adv. Shlomi Aloni
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Adv. Shai Weiss
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Lalkin Weiss & co. Law Offices 

V Tower, Bar Kochva st. 23, Bnei Brak, 5126002 

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